The situation was the following: Vivienne Sabó is the market leader in the mascara category, but we would like to increase the share in the lipstick category. We chose an excellent reason for this - the launch of bright lipsticks Femme Fatale collection.

The product mood can be guessed from the name: daring, sexy. It is still "femme fatale" after all. But in our society this image has long been overgrown with a great number of prejudices, "how a woman should and should not behave at a particular age and position." What do we do with stereotypes? Correctly! We are working :)

As a result, the campaign turned out to be much more than just the launch of Femme Fatale matte lipsticks from Vivienne Sabó brand. Being inspired by the daring and sexy image of Barbarella, the brave film heroine of the 1960s (and very brave for those years), together with Chicken Curry team, we created our own femme fatale — Pomadela! Red lipstick, sexuality and women's rights became the three "pillars" of Pomadella case.

It was important to show that a woman has а right to express her sexuality in any way she wants. And instead of a classic beauty video, the story turned into a full-fledged trailer (albeit for a non-existent film) where the main character Pomadela leaves no chance for the conservative society in the fight for the space revolution. Oh, that was a spoiler... But it's still worth watching it!

● The brand managed to touch a serious topic and sparked a public discussion.
● 55 million campaign contacts
● 65% video finish views
● Many media publications
● The campaign was so successful that it helped Vivienne Sabó move from third to second place in “Lips” category with an 8% market share growth in 2021.