Our challenge was to re-launch the iconic Cabaret Première mascara — and do it in WOW format!

To show a product only through its cool USPs (the mascara is really great: stage lash effect, etc.) would be too easy. So, we dug deeper and thought about two things:
  1. What can mascara and make-up give a person (any person) at the level of sensations and freedom in self-expression?
  2. How to stand out in an oversaturated market and add different meanings to the campaign?

So, it turned out to be a bold case which you may already know thanks to the iconic phrase “Sasha, I have the same mascara”. But if you haven't known yet, check it out and you'll enjoy it! We tell you exactly.

Through non-standard images and situations, we offered an alternative view not only on the stereotypes of society in questions of self-expression but also on the standards of images in advertisements in the beauty industry. See for yourself!

● 400,000 video reactions (likes, comments, reposts)
● 13,500 user posts mentioning the brand and video
● additional free coverage of 16 million people thanks to the viral effect
● 71% earned media viral reach