How to make a bright campaign cream? Yes, you can make tutorials about how cool it is, how great it fits, what a great effect the skin has, etc. But will the user remember the next foundation cream in such a situation? The question is rhetorical.

The main feature of Vivienne Sabó's Tone de Cabaret foundation is its stage effect for the skin. Our task was to develop such an approach that will emotionally hook and help girls feel the center of attention and the star of the stage in the literal sense of the word! Otherwise, what for there is a stage effect here.

This is how the first advertising campaign in Russia using Face Swapping technology from our partners Reface AI came to life. A campaign that every girl could become the face of!
I must say that not only girls participated ….. :) Literally every user who took part in the campaign easily showed the miracles of stretching, bathed in a glass of champagne, and performed a couple of spectacular tricks ….you will see for yourself.

• The eye-catching product was the subject of one of the most noticeable campaigns of the year and fixed the brand as the category leader in technology innovation.
• Over 500,000 user-generated videos
• 86% of viral traffic
• Total campaign coverage - more than 15,000,000 users