2019: Nespresso Gourmet Weeks, the first gastronomic festival in the best restaurants of the country combines coffee and haute cuisine and gives gourmets an unforgettable gastronomic experience. We are preparing to make the next festival much bigger! But a year later everything changes...

The pandemic is bringing all activities home and digital. It is becoming obvious that online must become a key format without diminishing the consumer's offline gastronomic experience. How to use the new reality for the brand benefit? So, write down the recipe of the perfect gastro-festival 2021.

  • We mix offline and online in equal proportions.
  • We take professional chefs — the easiest way to find them is in the partner restaurants of the festival.
  • Add popular influencers - one for each chef will be enough
  • We mix the participants to get five teams and arrange a cooking competition.
  • And, of course, add exquisite flavor combinations.

Done: You are awesome!

Compared to the Gourmet Weeks 2019 campaign, the new approach has resulted in a significant increase in communication efficiency.

Coverage increased from 7.8 million to 45.7 million with a budget growth of only 27% compared to 2019. According to a post-campaign survey, the audience read and remembered the embedded message related to the quality of Nespresso coffee. And creative materials of 2021 showed significantly higher performance in all major metrics (Enjoyment, Better attitude, Persuasion, Wear Out).