One blogger is no blogger?

We have studied how much a thought leader really influences the opinion of their audience. A case for those who loved to play Excel most of all as a child.

/// Strategist mode ON ///

It was important for the Shell Helix motor oil brand to strengthen its position at the Brand Preference stage — the formation of Shell Helix preference among other motor oil brands. To do this, it was necessary to ensure the growth of key image attributes:

• Only the best for my car
• Helps the car demonstrate all its capabilities
• Shares my passion for driving

The idea to talk about the advantages of Shell Helix through integration into the comic show Vnutri Lapenko appeared when we realized that we needed a long-term contact of the audience with the creative. Just like the integration in the YouTube show. We compared the approval index of Lapenko's show and the share of completion of minute-long videos and found that integrations within his content practically are not missed. It would seem that you can stop there: choose the appropriate episode and integrate. But that wasn't enough for us…

After integration, we conducted a brand lift study of the effectiveness of the campaign among the blogger's audience:

• High degree of approval of creative (97.6%) and completion rate of integration (98.5%)
• Statistically significant growth of two of the three key brand attributes among those who viewed the integration:
a) Helps the car demonstrate all its capabilities: +6%
b) Shares my passion for driving: +6%
• Overall Brand Preference growth by 15% and purchase intention by 4% among those who viewed the integration

/// Strategist mode OFF ///

To sum up, Katamaranov and Shell Helix — one love!