It was 2020, the beginning of the pandemic. Antibacterial protection means have become obligatory “accessories” for people and an integral part of the “decor” in every room. Aura brand (and we are, of course) faced a difficult task: to launch a communication in the shortest possible time that would respond to pandemic insights and consolidate the brand's leadership in the market.

At that time the information field was experiencing a peak of anxiety and negativity (and required psychotherapy). Breaking into such a clutter was possible only with the help of unconventional approach that was different from what the antibacterial category was doing in general. We decided to focus on positive things and product benefits.

Thus the clip “IT'S SAFE TO TOUCH” with “Chicken Curry” team was born. The main character is Alexander Gudkov who really suffers in self-isolation from separation from his beloved. He goes crazy from not being able to touch her in the new Covid reality. But everything changes when Aura Antibacterial appears. Be sure to watch to the end!

● more than 11 million views
● 81% video finish views (2.5-3 times higher than benchmarks)
● 140% sales growth in 2020
● knowledge increase from 29% to 78%